New Students at EHS

Lilian Jones, Journalist

The fall of a new school year at East High School welcomes students in with open arms. Whether new or returning, the atmosphere at the school offers students a friendly and relaxed environment that makes it easy to transition. 

For high school students moving in the middle of a semester, the transfer is usually a difficult time. However, the students and faculty made it a painless experience for countless students. 

“It was really easy to adjust to going to EHS, especially with the kind of people here,” Angelus Jones, 11, commented. 

Jones transferred in October, well into the first semester, after having completed several weeks at a high school in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For most this may have been a stressful experience, but Jones disagreed. 

“East High School is definitely a lot livelier [than schools I’ve gone to before],” Jones defended. “It’s so welcoming here. Everyone’s really kind and ready to help.” 

Jones’ opinion isn’t unique. Lily Freese, 11, who recently transferred from Greeley, Colorado, agreed that her transfer, while not easy, was made to be less stressful with help from the staff and students at EHS. 

“The environment is a lot friendlier. The teachers are a lot more helpful towards students and I like that there’s a time designated to get help [before school],” Freese said. “Everyone’s been really accommodating.” 

Freese also joined the book club upon transferring. She commented that being in the club and having people around her who share the same interests made the move easier overall. 

“It’s nice to have a small community that I can talk and relate to,” Freese mentioned. 

While the process of switching schools can be a tiring experience for any student, the friendly atmosphere of East High School makes it an easier experience for everyone involved.