Mental health is key for students to survive coronavirus lockdown

Sarah Amick looks over her social media accounts. She created a ‘School Stuff’ Snapchat story to help others deal with the struggles of Covid-19 isolation.

Alyssa Wilmarth

May 19, 2020

Even when the world is trapped inside, and East High’s students' lives grind to a halt, there is a lot we can do as a school to help our community. As boredom sets in, what better way to pass time than help those around you? Social action has been linked to positive mental health, and there are various...

Us against the world: Ky and Graedyn Buell’s competitive bond

Makylee congrats little brother Graedyn on his 2019 Super 25 Offensive Player of the Year.

By Brady Oltmans, Reporter - CST Orginally published Apr 4, 2020

May 6, 2020

Reprinted with permission Furniture shifted as the Buell family prepared for a friendly game of Pictionary. Jamie and Jason, heads of the household, divvied up the teams with six others ready to play. There was first-born child Makylee and her boyfriend. There was Graedyn, first-born son and larg...

Three EHS students named LCDS1 Student of the Week for 2019-2020

YuYu Yuan,  junior, was selected as Laramie County School District 1’s Student of the Week for the week of March 30.

Challeni Riddle

May 6, 2020

East High School takes pride in calling itself “The School of Excellence,” and nothing proves that excellence more than the students. Three of East’s best were named LCSD1 Students of The Week for the 2019-2020 school year. Raven Derr Lee is a hard-working, respectful student who is well-liked...

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Alyssa Wilmarth

November 12, 2019

Across the country 18.2 million people are given special recognition one day throughout the year. This Veterans Day, East high wanted to give special recognition to the staff that have dedicated their lives to making our country better. From the armed forces to the classroom, these brave men and wome...

Dress Code: Do We Need a Change?

Dress Code: Do We Need a Change?

Kani Miller, Junior Editor

October 21, 2019

No The East High dress code sates: “Student dress and appearance shall not be disruptive to the educational process. Clothing must be modest and appropriate, no student shall wear clothing which is revealing undergarments, the midsection, shoulders, and back must be covered. Necklines must be app...

Welding Program is Right on Target

Welding Program is Right on Target

Thunderbolt Staff, Reporter

April 19, 2019

Across America, a huge need for master tradespeople exists. With the baby boomer generation retiring, a huge opportunity awaits millennials and Generation Z to earn positions in trade careers. Aside from mass job openings, there's always a need for metal fabricators, welders, plumbers, carpenters, and...

Thunderbirds shine at World Language Day competition

Thunderbirds shine at World Language Day competition

Thunderbolt Staff, Reporter

March 12, 2019

As our ability to reach out around the world grows with every technological advance, clear communication is the key to a successful dialogue. On March 9, six students from East High School competed in the annual World Language Day at the University of Wyoming.  This year's theme was history.  Students...

All Northwest Auditions

Elizabeth Carey

January 17, 2019

A lot of people have a strong passion for something and most of those passions stem from our home lives. Morgan O’Neill, a senior here at East, is getting ready to audition for All Northwest Choir. Morgan’s immense passion for music stems from her home life. Her dad hosted for a radio show and her...

Small Business Makes A Big Difference

Small Business Makes A Big Difference

Arianna Leuer, Reporter

January 8, 2019

Everyone gets inspired by something, whether it’s from a hobby you enjoy, watching television, a school club you’re involved in, or even sports.  Inspiration comes when you see something that excites and motivates you to make something out of it.  Rabecca Northcutt was inspired by art. “I went...

The Safari Diaries

Snack TIme

Avalon Skinner and Steph Sommer

May 21, 2018

The excitement of seeing wild elephants for the first time was too much to handle. After getting stuck in Atlanta, flying for a whole day, and dealing with a drought, the elephants were breathtaking. Follow along with this experience as Stephani Sommer and Avalon Skinner tell their story of nine IB students...

John Oliver, Mike Pence… and the Bunny of the United States?

John Oliver, Mike Pence... and the Bunny of the United States?

McKenna Smith, Perspectives Editor

May 1, 2018

In in a time of crazy politics, national scandals and, White House firings, even a child's book can't escape the pure insanity of today's politics. Marlon Bundo, the Bunny of the United States, or BOTUS for short, is the pet rabbit of Mike Pence, the current Vice President, and his family. Marlon...

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