Festive Frights

Megan Doughty and Isabelle Delong

La Selle, Colorado is home to the popular Fritzler Farm Park. Open until October 30th, the park contains a corn maze, pumpkin patch, paintball station, games, food, and so much more.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday families gather for fun activities and a variety of perfect pumpkins to pick from the large pumpkin patch. At night, the park opens for the spooky Scream Acres that are sure to leave you with goosebumps. There are many jump scares and scary times to share with your friends in the acres.

There are two passes to choose from. The fun pass is most popular at $19.95. The ultimate fun pass is $31.95 and includes a paintball and pumpkin cannon session. Prices increase if tickets are bought at the farm doors instead of the online website. A separate ticket must be sold for Scream Acres for the price of $37.95 online or $42.95 at the door.

There are many food vendors and stations that include options like lemonade, pretzels, doughnuts, snow cones, ice cream, nachos, and other common festival food. Many products include corn picked right from the maze at the farm for a fresh and delicious snack.

Although some of the food is slightly overpriced, it is sure to bring feelings of nostalgia for past festivals you might have attended. The family-owned business takes much pride in this fun and interesting celebration.

“I’m a total sucker for fall, so naturally I fall into the pumpkin patch trap every year,” says Victoria Brinkmanship, 12. “My family usually frequents Anderson Farms in Denver, but this year we went back to Fritzlers for the First time in a while. It’s a bit catered toward a younger crowd, but ill admit shooting pumpkins across a field at ridiculous speeds was the highlight of my day. It is the perfect way to celebrate Fall and Halloween.”

If you are able to try and make a drive down to Fritzler Farm Park for a day of fun or a night of terror, it’s definitely worth the trip.