Fall Favorites

Taylor Casset, Journalist October 31, 2022

What’s better than a big comfy hoodie and a pumpkin spice latte? One good thing about Wyoming is that we experience every season at its full potential. Therefore, the fall experience is one that...

Banana photographed in front of pink background. Labelled for common use via Unsplash.

Banana Bonanza

Caydence Eicholtz, Journalist October 26, 2022

Bananas are an important source of potassium; potassium is a word we’ve all heard of, but do we really know what role potassium plays in our everyday life? No, of course not, nobody really pays attention...

First Downs to Touchdowns

First Downs to Touchdowns

Kendra Upton, Journalist October 26, 2022

Some say that the first time competing is the most important memory a person will ever have of their sport. Victory, failure; whatever the result of that first time going up against another team, it...

Senior Savannah Schilling poses for a spooky photo.

A Grim Debate: Are Ghosts Real?

Emma Mayfield, Journalist October 24, 2022

The great debate: are ghosts real? Or just a figment of one's imagination?  Do you hear weird sounds at night? Is something sending shivers down your spine? Do you have unexplained noises plaguing...

Seasonal Mood Switch

Emma Dray, Journalist October 12, 2022

As the air gets colder and the leaves start to change, all Wyoming high school students know what to expect; a brutally long fall and winter await us as we move into October. Dreary, rainy, and chilly...

Girls’ Soccer vs. Boys’ Soccer

kailey williams, Contributor May 13, 2022

Controversial opinion: girls' soccer is far more entertaining than boys' soccer. First of all, boys never pass the ball, at least in Wyoming. Boys' soccer just consists of the best player on the field...

The Bachelor

Emma Mayfield, Contributor May 13, 2022

The epic season finale of the bachelor aired on Tuesday March 14th on ABC news network, it was said to be the “most dramatic season finale ever” and it proved to be when it ended up without an engagement....

ACT Season

Emma Heny, Contributor May 13, 2022

The ACT is a test that every student dreads, and it’s a time of year every junior wish didn’t come. The scores some students get are shocking, and for most students they are expected. The test is what...

Parking Lot Opinions

Caydence Eicholtz, Journalist May 13, 2022

The school parking lot has been the talk of the school for two years now, every student has an opinion on the parking lot situation, but unfortunately, you’re going to hear mine. The parking lot has...

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Emma Mayfield, Journalist May 5, 2022

"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't." -Johnny Depp When talking about music, we often think of our favorite songs on the radio, but the foundation of music is often based on different...

Thoughts on the Russia vs. Ukraine Conflicts Impact on America

Thoughts on the Russia vs. Ukraine Conflict’s Impact on America

Autumn McPherson, Reporter March 10, 2022

On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Americans’ opinions on the war differ throughout the country, but overall, most have concluded that America is on Ukraine’s side, even if it is just...

Barstool Instagram Pages

Kaylee Culley, Contributor February 28, 2022

Everyone loves some good competition, but what about competition through social media? Cheyenne East had a barstool sport made on Instagram, with everyone wondering who the person behind the screen is....

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