COVID fears bring out the worst in US

When word of the arrival of Covid-19 was made public, many pepple went into hoard mode and emptied store shelves of toilet paper and other essentials.

Ramzee Parten

May 6, 2020

Right at this very moment the world is under a crisis, and it has a horrible name – COVID-19, the coronavirus. This virus is affecting everything and everyone. When it first started, many doubted it would ever reach American shores, but then people started getting sick fast and dying. That’s when...

Could coronavirus be good for us?

Graphic courtesy Wyoming Department of Health

Alexis Greb

May 6, 2020

Despite all the disaster surrounding COVID-19, there may just be a little bit of a silver lining to it all. There is no doubt, the coronavirus is a massive challenge for the world. People are dying by the thousands, millions are sick, and economies are crashing. These are terrifying times. But, through...

Homework: The Necessary Evil?

Rachel Taveria, Reporter

November 18, 2019

Nobody liked the teacher that assigns homework. So why is that? It's obvious that teens don’t like homework because its extra work, something that has a lot of dedicated kids stay up till eleven or twelve PM to do. Then there are the non-dedicated kids who don’t give a care in the world and all it does is ...

Helping the Earth Breathe Again

Helping the Earth Breathe Again

Alyson Jones, reporter

November 18, 2019

As vibrant colors of red and yellow race through our sky-reaching forests, waves of black snow fall, and Earth’s lungs collapse in a massacre of flames. Once a painted canvas of beautiful blues, is now smudged with our empty chip bags and plastic bottles. Skyscrapers of white ice shrunken down and...

Dress Code: Do We Need a Change?

Dress Code: Do We Need a Change?

Kani Miller, Junior Editor

October 21, 2019

No The East High dress code sates: “Student dress and appearance shall not be disruptive to the educational process. Clothing must be modest and appropriate, no student shall wear clothing which is revealing undergarments, the midsection, shoulders, and back must be covered. Necklines must be app...

Senior Mentoring Opinion

Nicci Kapus, Reporter

October 4, 2019

For the first time for three years of mentoring, seniors are now required to go to mentoring.  There are mixed feelings about mentoring in the East High School halls this year.  Some seniors may not really care about mentoring, and others might be upset about the sudden change in rules.  For Seni...

School Starts Too Early

Alexis Greb, Reporter

October 2, 2019

Do you find yourself struggling to wake up in the morning? Maybe falling asleep in your classes? Well you’re not alone. An average students’ day will include school (7:45- 2:45), Sports or clubs (3:00- 6:00) and homework, causing many late nights which means less sleep. The amount of sleep adoles...

Trump Deletes Iran Nuclear Deal

From left to right-  China, France, The EU, Iran, Russia, UK and United States

McKenna Smith, Perspectives Editor

May 23, 2018

 Iran, the source of the "When America finds out there's oil" meme and a lot of conflict. On the 8th of May Trump announced that he is pulling the United States out of the "disastrous" Iran Nuclear deal despite the warnings from numerous U.S. allies such as former Secretary of State John Kerry, Britain's Foreign Secretary B...

Your Future Ahead…

Caitlyn Steen, Reporter

May 3, 2018

Starting a new school can be hard. The first days of High school can be terrifying. You might be scared because it’s a huge school, and you don’t yet know anyone. Or the fear of walking what seems like miles to math class can be a little intimidating. Each fall East High holds a freshman orientation...

We all Dye and Hair Grows Back

Jenna Larsen-Hunter with their recently dyed pink hair.

Avalon Skinner, Online Editor

April 27, 2018

Crimson red, bubblegum pink, and sky blue. Hippies in the 60s grew their hair down their back, and the rebels now dye their hair. So what is the issue with coloring your hair all kinds of neon? Crazy colored hair is widely accepted now more than ever before. However, there is a stigma that is often...



McKenna Smith, Perspectives Editor

February 28, 2018

Growing up, the most common question asked is: "what do you want to be when you grow up?" To answer in short- not yet. Despite the hundreds of times high schoolers are asked, many can't answer with something straight. Yet here at East, there are some students who can, but it isn't a typical answer...

Problematic Paul

Problematic Paul

Avalon Skinner, Online Editor

February 12, 2018

At this point, who hasn’t heard of Logan Paul? Due to videos like catchy song parodies, pranks, and dopey holiday videos, Paul is an internet phenomenon for multiple reasons. However, arguably the most memorable moment in his internet presence was the moment he uploaded his video entitled “We found...

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