Girls’ Soccer vs. Boys’ Soccer

kailey williams, Contributor May 13, 2022

Controversial opinion: girls' soccer is far more entertaining than boys' soccer. First of all, boys never pass the ball, at least in Wyoming. Boys' soccer just consists of the best player on the field...

The Bachelor

Emma Mayfield, Contributor May 13, 2022

The epic season finale of the bachelor aired on Tuesday March 14th on ABC news network, it was said to be the “most dramatic season finale ever” and it proved to be when it ended up without an engagement....

ACT Season

Emma Heny, Contributor May 13, 2022

The ACT is a test that every student dreads, and it’s a time of year every junior wish didn’t come. The scores some students get are shocking, and for most students they are expected. The test is what...

Parking Lot Opinions

Caydence Eicholtz, Contributor May 13, 2022

The school parking lot has been the talk of the school for two years now, every student has an opinion on the parking lot situation, but unfortunately, you’re going to hear mine. The parking lot has...

Thundershack Strikes Back

Thundershack Strikes Back

Lily Jones, Contributor April 29, 2022

  The East High School sensation Thundershack was reinstated at the school this past semester and has since taken the students by storm. After a two-year hiatus, the culinary classes have returned...

Barstool Instagram Pages

Kaylee Culley, Contributor February 28, 2022

Everyone loves some good competition, but what about competition through social media? Cheyenne East had a barstool sport made on Instagram, with everyone wondering who the person behind the screen is....

Ready or not, Thunderbirds take off the mask

Kani Miller, Senior Editor February 17, 2022

For the last two years, Covid-19 has dominated the headlines. Some claim we can control the virus with masks, vaccines, quarantining, and social distancing, while others cheer for letting it run its course....

The Quarterback Behind the Scenes

Kaylee Culley, Contributor November 17, 2021

Hard work and dedication. Practice after practice. Being a quarterback is more than just throwing the ball to his receivers. There are only seconds to think about what you’re doing and there’s strategy...

High Cap and Gown Prices, Low Creativity

Aidan Lanchoney, Contributor November 5, 2021

Being the first year that gets to keep their cap and gown the seniors are beginning to set their expectations for their graduation attire. Alison Crock, 12, explains here expectations for her cap and...

I Can Dress Myself!

I Can Dress Myself!

Emma Pierce November 5, 2021

East High students held a peaceful protest on September 17th due to disagreements with the school wide dress code. During second Shilo McAlpine,12, says, “I did this because I don’t think shoulders...

My Body My Choice

Tayler Klungness, Contributor November 5, 2021

Many students throughout East High School have different opinions on the mask mandate for the schools in our district. If you walked throughout the school and in between classes and paid attention, you...

Festive or Frightful?

Autumn McPherson, UnKnown November 5, 2021

Festive and frightful come together in Henry Selick's twisted film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Although this movie is a classic the big question still remains, is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween...

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