The Bachelor

Emma Mayfield, Contributor

The epic season finale of the bachelor aired on Tuesday March 14th on ABC news network, it was said to be the “most dramatic season finale ever” and it proved to be when it ended up without an engagement. Women all over the world love to watch the bachelor and its sister series the Bachelorette. But why is it so popular, with 3.8 million viewers, you have to wonder what makes it so good for people to watch. According to the times magazine article, “Why are so many people obsessed with the bachelor” the show characterized by its extravagant dates, abundance of champagne and end goal of getting engaged by the season finale. And to be blunt, people like mind numbing drama to relieve the stress of their lives at the end of the day.  

In the latest season, bachelor Clayton Echard, had the most dramatic season finale, now as a fan of the bachelor, I had to tune in with my mother on the couch. The season ended in total heartbreak and drama which gripped us into the season finale. It ended in a split up of the final three women in “the rose ceremony from hell” as stated by the show’s host, Jesse Palmer. There was no engagement, no successful conclusion until one of the women came back, where Clayton asked for another chance, and they have started dating. 

People are drawn to drama because it makes them feel included and responsible for something even though it may be a toxic environment for the person. With the world today people need something to take their mind off stress. And the bachelor provides that, with cat fights, humiliation, and human degradation that grips like vice and makes people laugh, gasp in shock, or downright get angry at events such as the dream dates, fantasy suites and the rose ceremonies.