ACT Season

Emma Heny, Contributor

The ACT is a test that every student dreads, and it’s a time of year every junior wish didn’t come. The scores some students get are shocking, and for most students they are expected. The test is what paves the way for our future and, for some, helps us get into the college we want. It is crazy that a test can make or break our future path, but there is always a way to change the score we get by retaking in the summer or in the fall. This year, the ACT took place on Tuesday, April 12th. There were many ways Juniors could study for the test, and even take practice tests to prepare. The five topics of the test include reading, grammar, science, math, and writing. These timed tests are taken in a room along with several other students, and the room must be completely silent without any distractions, or interruptions during the duration of each test.  

Each student had their ways of dealing with the stress the test brought on. Junior Emily Schlagel says that she didn’t really deal with her stress, she just had to have confidence going into the test, and just do the best she could.

“I got a decent score, but I know I can do better,” said Shlagel, “I think I will be able to do better when I retake it.” For most students, the first try is basically just to see how it will go and how they will do. Most the time students will do better on their second try, because they know how it will go, and they are more prepared.