Parking Lot Opinions

Caydence Eicholtz, Journalist

The school parking lot has been the talk of the school for two years now, every student has an opinion on the parking lot situation, but unfortunately, you’re going to hear mine. The parking lot has been out of commission for far too long, the students have had to resort to parking in all kinds of places, and not to mention it makes the parking lot much more dangerous. Kaylee Cully, 12, has much to say about the condition of our parking lot.

“I think it’s unfair that we have so many students driving and not enough spots for all of us, it’s causing students to be late to class, because they can’t find a spot. We should have the left driving lane reopen because of the kids with after school jobs and activities to get to,” said Cully.

The point Cully makes is fair, the left lane has been closed for longer than half the parking lot, it does make the students late, and it does interfere with the jobs they have. 

 Let’s talk about the teacher’s lot, if students park there they get ticketed, which makes sense in past years, it’s just for teachers, however, with most of the parking lot being unusable and the students outnumbering the teachers, students park in the teacher’s more often than not. While this may annoy many teachers, there isn’t much of an option otherwise, unless you count the church. Now nothing would be wrong with the church—if it weren’t so packed, just in this past school year I’ve heard of three separate incidents, where someone ended up with a broken fender, or taillight or something else. Yes, this would probably happen in the regular lot anyways, however, the accidents were directly caused by how crowded the church is.  

Overflow in the regular lot is an entire other issue, some students who can’t find anywhere to park in the regular lot or at the church have to resort to overflow, which oftentimes ends up just as packed. Not only is it a hazard for students to try to get out of that lot at the end of the day, but I’ve witnessed some students driving over the dirt hill, at the end of overflow, straight to the road! As out there as that seems it’s completely true, it happens way too often to count. So, at the end of the day, I think I can speak for all East students when I say, the parking lot can’t open soon enough.