The Lack of Tickets


Lana Novotny, Senior Editor

The rules for social distancing have prohibited the amount of people that are allowed at each game. For each student who is playing or performing can only have 2 tickets each for their parents. It creates an issue for kids with bigger families. To help Emily Schwaiger, 11, and her little sister Madison Schwaiger, 8, had four tickets in total and didn’t need all of them, so they gave up some of their tickets to a friend in need.

“I gave Morgan Sutherland one of my tickets so that her little brother Dawson could go to the game. Her family always goes to the games together it’s like a family bonding thing they do. I didn’t need the ticket anyways, so my mom wrote Dawson’s name on our ticket.” Emily Schwaiger,11.

With the social distancing restrictions, we are trying to have a positive outlook and get through these rough times with ease. The East students are supporting each other until we get used to these new norms.