Remembering Pinky

Mickayla Welsh, Student Life Editor

Pinky Jane or “Pinky,” a fixture in the EHS Ag Department for two years, recently passed away due to complications from the birth of her second litter.

EHS senior Mikayla Zimmerman became interested in a swine breeding project her sophomore year, inspiring the idea to bring Pinky to East. In September 2014, Pinky was a full-time resident in the Ag Department.

With help from Ag teacher Joe Allen, Mikayla and the Ag class artificially inseminated Pinky and she gave birth to 13 piglets in February of 2014.

Pinky quickly became a star both at East and around the world due to her on-line blog

With last year’s lessons in mind, and the rising popularity of the piglets, Mikayla and Mr. Allen decided to bring Pinky back and artificially inseminate her once again.

On February 26, Pinky gave birth to nine more piglets.

The swine breeding project brought a lot more recognition.

“Mr. Allen and I were in the Ag teacher’s newsletter that goes out to all the Ag teachers in the entire country,” said Zimmerman. “I was in the national article twice last year. And then we were on the news a few times with Pinky. The piglet party really brought a lot of publicity for East, because you had to come to East to see the piglets.”

Pinky was not only a swine breeding project for Mikayla, but the Ag classes were also involved in Pinky’s pregnancy and piglets.  Pinky gave kids in the classroom more of a hands-on experience with animals. The live animals in the shop help kids learn how to care for farm animals.

“I think it helps kids understand the Ag life. It’s not easy. It’s a lot of work,” said Zimmerman.

Pinky Jane was not only a big part of East High’s Agricultural program, but also became involved in a lot of people’s lives outside of East High.

Sophie, a local 2-year old, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and faces a minimum of two years of chemotherapy.

Pinky and Sophie quickly became good friends, and the Ag classes have rallied about Sophie with support and fundraisers.

“We have a bank account set up for her,” says Mikayla. “We’re getting pink bracelets that say ‘Team Sophie’ on them that we’ll be selling.”

Pinky’s legacy will live on forever through the many memories and lessons she shared.

If you’re interested in preserving Pinky’s legacy and helping Team Sophie, please contact:  Warren FCU

3810 Dell Range Blvd.

Cheyenne, WY 82009