NFL Football Player Damar Hamlin Has Cardiac Arrest During Game

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#3 Damar Hamlin

Autumn McPherson, Journalist

On January 2nd, during the Bengal’s and Bills football game, player number three, Damar Hamlin, collapsed on the field after attempting a tackle against the opposing team player Tee Higgins. The daring move resulted in cardiac arrest for Hamlin, leading to his heart stopping on the field.

Emergency personnel ran to the field and performed CPR for approximately ten minutes before there was success. Hamlin’s fellow teammates knelt on the turf, praying for their friend. Once Hamlin was admitted into the hospital, his heart had stopped once more resulting in another round of CPR. Once he was stable, he had severe lung damage and was unable to breathe on his own which caused him to be put on an oxygen ventilator. By ten in the evening, the postponement of the game had been announced.

Did we win?

— Damar Hamlin, seconds after waking

On January 5th, he woke up. Hamlin has been playing for the Bills since 2021 and has played forty-six games in total for the team. He has become a critical element for their success. On January 6th, he was able to breathe on his own and his oxygen tube had been removed. As players inevitably get injured, people feel for their pain and send prayers their way.

On January 7th the Bills painted #3 on the 30 yard line in support of Hamlin. He is currently out of the hospital and healing well and fans across the nation are happy for his recovery.