Student Council Adventures


Caydence Eicholtz

Student council at the WASC convention in Cody, Wyoming. They spent three days at the statewide convention learning how other student councils around the state run and trying out new ideas during the time spent at the convention.

Caydence Eicholtz, Senior Editor

W.A.S.C. is a student council workshop where the members go to vote on who they want to represent the student councils of every school all over Wyoming. They vote on who will be the state president, vice president, and secretary. They go to do fun activities like tie-dying shirts for a state wide t-shirt exchange with other schools, attending workshops like how to be interviewed, how to dance, and how to plan pep rallies, all while learning valuable leadership skills along the way.

Student President Kooper Taylor, 12, spent the three days of W.A.S.C. attending conferences and listening to every single candidate’s thoughts and ideas on how to perfect student councils all over Wyoming.

“It was a good opportunity to be with everyone in the state and to collaborate with everyone,” said Taylor. “I think it’s cool to see what other schools are good at that we aren’t as great at, but just being with everyone in student council and getting to be apart of something so big was awesome.”

Even first time student council members had the opportunity to attend the event. Caydence Eicholtz, 12, was one of the many  students who joined this year’s student council to help with all the fun activities they had planned.

“I had a great time at W.A.S.C.,” commented Eicholtz. “It was a good opportunity to see and meet so many other student councils and learn about how they do things at their schools. I got to room with two amazing people and overall had the time of my life, I’m so happy I got the chance to go, and got to be apart of something so big.”

Unfortunately, student council isn’t all fun and games. The W.A.S.C. conference isn’t the only thing they’re in charge of. They put together all of the fun dances, the pep rallies, parades, game nights, and spirit weeks that the student body enjoys. Student council members use the best of their abilities to create fun events for the student body. However hard the student council works itself, their advisors, Mr. Mason Magagna and Mr. Matt Woodard, work even harder to make the dreams of the student council come true.

“I think the best thing you can do is make sure the reality the students want to build is something that’s feasible that you could support- so making sure that the time is there, the effort’s there, the materials are there, and you’re supporting them in all the ways that they need, not just the ways they want,” said Woodard. “The best part is seeing the success, being that the success is coming from the students. Like our dances or even when we’re doing fundraisers, just seeing that leadership turn into real life connections and that’s amazing to see.”