Serve It Up


Caydence Eicholtz

East Tennis Coach, Leandro Frattis, 12, River Sawyer, 9

Caydence Eicholtz, Senior Editor

The tennis team of East High School did remarkably well this season with a 3rd place during regionals and 7th place at state. Emma Dray, 12, a one doubles player and her partner Zoey Woods, 11, were the only females to make it to the second day of regionals. “I was so excited to make it to the second day of regionals with Zoey because we worked so hard all season and tournament to get there. We were kind of disappointed because we lost a 3 and a half hour match that went to a 3rd set tiebreaker in the semi-finals, but a 3rd place finish was still pretty cool.” says Dray.

The seniors on this year’s team were happy to not only compete but specifically compete with Central: East’s rivals. “I love the competition, our rivalry with Central makes it super fun, they’re good players so it’s fun to compete with them,” says Ryan Johnson, 12. The annual East vs. Central meet was a great one for this year’s team. They got to compete, as well as continue to keep up with Central’s team.

River Sawyer, 9, was one of the many competing at this meet. “I won two, lost one, but overall, I felt really good about it, it was a good match,” says Sawyer. His first year of playing was a great way to get out and into the competition that is East, but most of all it was a great way to make new friends as a freshman.

Evey member of the tennis team from the most veteran Senior’s to the newest Freshmen on the team have a story to tell about their tennis experience. For this year’s seniors the story comes to an end, but for their underclassmen whom they took under their wing, the story has just begun.