Banana Bonanza


Charles Deluvio

Banana photographed in front of pink background. Labelled for common use via Unsplash.

Caydence Eicholtz, Journalist

Bananas are an important source of potassium; potassium is a word we’ve all heard of, but do we really know what role potassium plays in our everyday life? No, of course not, nobody really pays attention in health during the nutrition unit, especially if you’re an athlete. Chances are you’ve been told about the benefits of fruits and vegetables since you could understand what those words meant, but the words may have gone in one ear and out the other, so nobody can blame us for not knowing what exactly the importance of potassium is.

Athletes are always looking to be healthier, stronger, and faster, but are bananas a good source of nutrition? Some say yes, while others say no. Marik Cummings, 12, seems to think not.

“Bananas are great for after you run, but if you make them part of your normal diet it’s not the best for you,” said Cummings. He eats them after he competes but tries to stay away from them most of the time.

Not only athletes eat bananas; plenty of students at East High School eat bananas and either enjoy or hate them. Kassey Carlstead, 10, an ROTC Airman, says “I had to eat bananas for 10 years straight, now I hate them, the taste and the texture just make me feel icky,” said Kassey Carlstead, 10, an ROTC Aireman. Not that Carlstead seems to understand the importance of potassium, “I think it keeps you strong, if I can remember.”

Even club members seem to have strong opinions on bananas.

“I don’t really like them, but I’ll eat them with other things,” said Destiny Murray, 10, member of FCCLA. “I think they’re really bland, and it’s just annoying having to open them.”

It seems like the students of East are less into bananas than most. The common factors between students who either hate or love bananas is they don’t know what exactly potassium does.

“I don’t know exactly what potassium does, I just know we need it,” said Murray.