Seasonal Mood Switch

Emma Dray, Journalist

As the air gets colder and the leaves start to change, all Wyoming high school students know what to expect; a brutally long fall and winter await us as we move into October. Dreary, rainy, and chilly days make everyday tasks uninviting or even daunting.

Especially for high schoolers, seasonal mood changes can play a big part in their education. This means that a change in the environment could lead to a variety of things for anyone you ask. Some students are excited about colder weather and what it has to offer, while others dread the change in seasons.

“I want the weather to be colder outside, it should be sweater weather and getting cozy in your house for movies and hot chocolate,” commented Kooper Taylor, 12.

These are just a few things East students look forward to in the colder months as fall leads into a chilly winter. But although Kooper is excited about these activities she also acknowledges the downsides of the descending temperatures.

“I definitely kind of get down when it’s cold outside and it makes it hard for me to stay motivated and to get out of bed each day.”

This seems to be a consensus among most East students, which we can mostly all relate to. Getting out of a warm bed in the morning just to go to a long, cold, school day is not something anyone looks forward to. Taylor Beard, 12, also agrees that the changing of seasons has its benefits and downfalls.

“I love winter for a while until Christmas, but after that, I start to get seasonal depression which makes it hard to want to do anything,” commented Beard.

This brings to light an idea that could help all students struggling during these cold months.

Finding something to stay motivated by, or something to be excited about may be a helpful tool in combatting these struggles. Whether it’s an extracurricular activity, plans with friends, or a weekend getaway, having something to look forward to makes the dreary days seem a little more possible.