Girls’ Soccer vs. Boys’ Soccer

kailey williams, Contributor

Controversial opinion: girls’ soccer is far more entertaining than boys’ soccer. First of all, boys never pass the ball, at least in Wyoming. Boys’ soccer just consists of the best player on the field dribbling the ball all over the field, not passing to his wide-open teammates to possibly score a goal. Girl soccer players pass and have combination plays that are beautiful to watch when they score a goal. Boy soccer players are also the biggest floppers and babies. They will get tripped up by their own foot and try to convince the ref that he was fouled, or he will get kicked in the shin (while wearing shin guards) and complain that he cannot play anymore. Girls’ soccer players are more aggressive and don’t complain when they get a little scrape on their knee. Just last week, East girls’ soccer player Isabelle Hunt had bloody knees after a game against Sheridan High School, but she toughed it out the entire game and played her hardest, even though she had been taken out by the other players multiple times. I do have to give some credit to men’s soccer, some games are very interesting, when they aren’t rolling around on the ground.