Carolyn Hayes, Contributor

What is more fun than doing nothing on a Saturday night? Turnabout! Junior Makaila Trujilo went to Turnabout Saturday night with her friends.

“I do not really know we just needed something to do.” said Trujilo, “it was a Saturday, so we just went to Turnabout. My favorite part was when Jenna thought she could do the worm so she got on the floor, and she cannot do the worm.”

A lot of the time during high school when kids go to events it is always last minute.

“It was really a last second decision we were bored, and it was something to do” said sophomore Ary Booth.

Booth’s favorite part of turnabout were the free drinks because it was hot in there. Another reason people go to turnabout is to go and hang out with their friends.

“A lot of my friends were going, and I thought it would be fun” said sophomore Cristal Dollard.

Freshman Autumn Rayl decided to go to turnabout with her friends.

“I am a freshman and I want to experience all the high school experiences.” said Rayl.

Rayl’s favorite part of Turnabout was having fun and hanging out with friends. As for sophomore Gracie Craig, she wanted to go because all her friends were going. Craig’s favorite part was spending time with her friends and taking pictures. 

Turnabout is a great dance to have fun at and go to with your friends.