A Cultural Change

Taylor Cassat, Contributor

Moving schools can cause a lot of nerves, and creates a lot of changes for an individual. Now imagine moving countries. Two juniors, Louisa Vilaplana and Ben Draper, gave their insight on some of the biggest changes they faced in their exchange student experiences.  

In an interview with Vilaplana, who transferred to East high this year from Germany, mentioned a significant change in the food.  

“Here a lot of people go to lunch at fast food restaurants,” said Vilaplana, “and we go very solemn to McDonald’s. Here you have a drive-through for everything, and we have a drive-through for McDonald’s and I think that’s it. “At some points I like it here more than in Germany, it really depends.” 

As for Ben Draper, a change in culture is what stood out to him most.  

“Food, the produce is better, and you have guns,” said Draper  

Moving to another continent yields many new and shocking experiences.