Thundershack Strikes Back


Lilian Jones

Morgan Halverson,12 delivers Thundershack orders around the school.

Lilian Jones, Journalist

The East High School sensation Thundershack was reinstated at the school this past semester and has since taken the students by storm. After a two-year hiatus, the culinary classes have returned to running the Thundershack, going from room to room each period to take students’ orders. For the entire block, the students in the culinary classes work hard to make and deliver food to each class. 

“Thundershack is a really busy thing when you’re there running it,” Daniel Zacharias, 12, commented on his time working there. “It would be really great if we had more people sign up for culinary classes.” 

Thundershack’s popularity has rapidly increased, attracting regular customers in the student body. From freshmen to seniors, the delicious food and consistent service keeps students like Elisiana Jensen, 9, coming back for more. 

“I get Thundershack almost every day,” Jensen said. “My favorite are the smoothies and the breakfast burrito.” 

The convenience of Thundershack has also contributed to its success as Caedon Garcia, 9, said. Teenagers often struggle to get to school on time. This morning rush occasionally involves sacrificing breakfast in order to make it to that first class. To get through morning classes, Thundershack is an amazing option to keep energy up before lunch. 

“It’s better for a snack than a meal, but it gets me through the morning when I don’t get a chance to grab breakfast before leaving the house,” Garcia mentioned. 

Thundershack has been picking up steam slowly but surely since it began once again. The students are working hard every day to improve their skills every single day to keep the class alive. 

“We’re really working hard every day,” Zacharias admitted. “I think we have a long way to go and more room for students to sign up, but I’m really excited about the progress we’ve made and look forward to getting even better.”