CNA Program Offered at East High

Taylor Cassat, Contributor

Are you planning on joining the medical field after high school? East High offers a great program to get you prepared for the future! The CNA (certified nursing assistant) program, taught by Mrs. Quick,  allows students to learn the skills of a CNA, use those skills in the work environment, and get prepared to take their certification at the end of the year.

“Benefits are coming right out of high school to get a well paying job, secure employment right away, and often it is a pre requisite if your’e looking to go into nursing. College credit would be another benefit”, Says Quick.

Throughout the program there is a lot of hands on skills that will prepare students for the tasks of this job. It will also set them ahead to start the path towards nursing or other positions in the medical field.

The program is something students aspiring to work in the hospital should take advantage of while they have a chance. Set yourself up for success T-birds!