The Central East Rivalry Lives On

Emma Dray, Contributor

Every East High student knows about the age old rivalry between Central and East. Basketball games are especially prone to bringing large crowds out of the woodworks to support their team. The student section is well aware of the tension on and off the court, but how do the athletes feel in the moment? Unfortunately for the second time in a row, Central’s athletes came out on top.

“ I think what makes the game so intense is all of the people at the game and the environment of how the student sections go back and forth yelling at each it which makes it exciting,” says Garet Schlabs, 11.

All of the noise and commotion creates a challenge for the players on the court to communicate with each other and the coaches. Every year central puts up a tough fight for the big rivalry games, bit this year it was an especially close two games. Even though Central took the win, East came out with a vengeance from the second night.

“I think we lost again because we didn’t play our game and execute easy shots, but I’m excited for the opportunity to hopefully play them again,” says Schlabs. The vendetta between both teams proves to hold strong as the basketball season moves towards the regional tournament.