We The People

Caydence Eicholtz, Journalist

Do you remember that cute little competition you did in 5th grade called We the People? Well turns out it’s not just a part of the elementary experience, but an actual competition that people from all over compete in. The students of East High are some of the many that worked until they dropped on their material.  

Here’s how it all works: the students are separated into units one through six and then are given questions about the constitution and the way the United State’s government is run that they have to respond to in a well-written essay.

But that’s not the only thing they’re required to do. They have to read their essays in front of judges that come from all over in under four minutes. Then, they answer questions from the judges for another six minutes. There’s no way for the groups to prepare for every single question as every judge is different. In the end, they receive constructive criticism on their essays and responses to their questions.  

“The hardest part about We the People was having to write all the essays and make sure all the essays fit in the time constraint, while also making sure to provide all the information I needed to,” said Emma Dray, 11.

Dray’s team, Unit 4, was determined to be the best of their unit and proved their determination when they placed first with two amazing essays. The East High team overall placed third this year which was a great accomplishment for the students involved.

“I’m really proud of how we did as a team, I think that very few of us put a lot of time outside class into it so the fact that we still did well and it wasn’t the very best we could be is pretty impressive,” says Dray.  

Principal Sam Mirich was equally as proud of the group, rewarding them with cookies to share during class the day after the competition when they received their medals.