New College and Career Center Counselor

Jozlyn West , Contributor

Mrs. Steil is new to the East High staff team, and she has made difference. Over the past few months, she has gotten seniors on the right track for what they want to do for college or their future. “She does an awesome job of reaching out to seniors rather than waiting for them to come to her, which makes it a lot easier to get help,” senior Avery Van Pelt said, “She helped me a lot with sending my transcript to colleges and has such a great attitude every time I see her.”

Seniors around East have been very thankful for her arrival to the school and making it easier for them to do college applications and transcripts.

“I’m actually thrilled to be a part of the east team.” Councilor Mrs. Steil said, “Both of my kids have been to East and my oldest has graduated and I have always thought that the staff, students, and just everyone is amazing at this school, and I’m thrilled to be here.” Said Steil.

She is a councilor that wants to be here to help and by helping she has made many improvements from the past to make the school better in making students successful after high school.

“Students are my cliental and I want to make sure I touch base with every senior a few times and I’m able to assist them with any of there post-graduation plans.” Steil stated. This gives guidance to seniors so they know that can be set on a good track for post-graduation goals. Steil has made an impact and we can’t wait to see what she wants to do next!