I Can Dress Myself!


Emma Pierce

East High students held a peaceful protest on September 17th due to disagreements with the school wide dress code. During second Shilo McAlpine,12, says, “I did this because I don’t think shoulders are distracting. I see guys who wear muscle shirts, and we see their whole chest, stomach, and shoulders, and don’t get dress coded, but when a girl shows her shoulders, she’s immediately dress coded. I’m not saying to let girls push the limits of the dress code, not at all. But I think it’s a bit strict.”

Students walked down to Carey Junior High to pick up students who were also participating, the students walked around yelling “my body my choice!” or “I can dress myself!” Hoping to get the administration to listen and hopefully ease up on the dress code, the students did not get a response from the administrators and the dress code remains the same.