Order Up! Two Doors Down looking for Servers

Emma Mayfield, Contributor

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic all restaurants have lost servers and cooks through the massive shut down, they have been hit hard, with minimal employees it makes it difficult to keep the restaurant open.

In 2009, 2 Doors Down was opened by Jerry and Sandy Innis. It’s the perfect place to get a bite to eat and they are currently looking for servers. Server Halle Nessland, 11, says “My work experience at 2 doors down has helped me mature greatly.” 2 doors down is the perfect place to gain important life experience. Working at this restaurant teaches you how to work as a team; the servers don’t have a certain set of tables, they all work together to serve tables, buss them and wipe them off for the next customer.

“Over the year I’ve worked here, I have learned how to interact with people and make friends,” Nessland said. 2 doors down is the perfect workplace for teenagers, open 11am- 9pm Monday through Saturday, providing an exciting but also safe place to work. With the Innis’s being parents, they know how to keep teenagers safe but also keep them in line. Nessland states, “Jerry is very firm, and knows what he wants, he has pushed me to do better and to always work harder. I appreciate what they have done for me greatly.”

Overall, 2 doors down is a great place to work for high school students because of its great life lessons, teamwork, and leadership skills. This establishment makes for a place for lifelong success for maturing teens.

What you need to know:

Flexible hours: They try their best to work around your schedule.

Pay: $7.20 plus tips

Come ready to work and have a great attitude!