Welcome Home

Caydence Eicholtz

The homecoming dance was a night to remember, from the dinner, to the pictures, to the actual dance, it was a night full of fun. As the first dance after COVID, it had high expectations, fortunately everyone seems to think those expectations were met. “It was a lot of fun it was a real blast, I had the time of my life,” said Katya Wiggam, 11.

While the actual dance is full of easy memories to make, getting ready for the dance is an entire experience in itself. “I got ready at Sammi’s house with a couple other girls, and we ate pizza before we took pictures,” said Wiggam. The anticipation of the dance is almost as fun as the dance itself. Students all over the school spent the night high on endorphins and ready to mingle with their friends. “I enjoyed seeing all these people in the same place and getting to talk to people I haven’t seen since freshman year,” said Wiggam. The dance is a night that’ll remain unforgotten in the hearts of East High students.