Year-Round Halloween

Kalie Hiller, contributer

Fear doesn’t just happen during Halloween. Fear is normal, it happens all the time to everyone. Its one of the most basic human emotions. Fright is the body’s way of protecting us from the bad.

In the online article, 10 things teens fear most in 2019, by Carmelo Spatazza she wrote, “Whether it’s tests, auditions, dating, or life in general, teens fear failure – just like adults.” Teens struggle with more than just high school drama and fear has a lot to do with it.

Teens have a lot of commons fears. In the article, Teen Fears and Phobias: A Guide for Parents by paradigm treatment, they wrote, “Some Common fears that teenagers experience include fears of sickness, fear of their parents divorcing, fear of not doing well in school, fear of disasters like tornadoes or fires, fear of experiencing peer pressure or peer rejection.” These are just some of the more common fears of teenagers but there are still plenty more fears.

East high student Oakley Simons fears missing school days because she is afraid it will affect her later in the future. Oakley Simons says, “I think I actually fear missing it. It’s so hard to get caught back up from missing even one class period and can affect my understanding of subjects for months after as a result.” Fear is a normal thing that happens to all high schoolers.