Saving that Moola


Lana Novotny, Senior Editor

The spread of the virus caused more people to worry about the traditional Black Friday festivities. Standing in long lines and the big crowds are not exactly Covid friendly. For the older population this encouraged them to stay home and shop online.

“I didn’t do much compared to past years, usually we shop the entire day of Black Friday with our whole family,” said Rachel Good, 9.

Not only has shopping changed for the customers but for the workers as well. For some workers they thought that even less people should have gone since we are in a pandemic.

“Even though less people were there than in years past, still a good amount considering we are in the middle of a pandemic.” said Gracie Troxell, 12, who works at Bed Bath and Beyond.

More stores have done sales online to keep the community safe and encourage social distancing. “It’s easier to stay at home and shop online for everything you want,” stated Rachel Good, 9. Our society is going more online everyday even for our holidays.