Rowing the boat with yearbook staff


Cristiona Morales and Bailey Miller

Every year, the yearbook staff works to present the history of East High School. The book kicks off with Jostens Yearbook Summer Workshop, where staff visits Golden, Colorado to build themes, ideas and stories for the upcoming school year. With the recent pandemic, East staff was instantly put steps behind. “No one realizes how much planning and effort goes into these books. Every year we strive for perfection, and not having that week carved out to solidify plans have caused so much stress” Say’s Senior manager, Bailey Miller.

Now that the school year has started, East high staff of 10 has put their heads together and worked harder than ever before to produce a well thought out, creative book for the student body. Already facing many obstacles, every day has become more and more overwhelming. Senior Editor in Chief, Cristiona Morales expresses her fears for this school year; “Our staff has to continue to jump over obstacles to still comply with Covid rules, but still get coverage to make the book. Our staff has been cut in half, so each kid has to put in 10 times more effort to get what we need done.” Staff now needs press passes in order to cover any events, clean camera equipment, and still manage social distancing guidelines while interviewing.

Despite all of the uneasiness throughout the class, they have planned multiple calendars, master list, a book theme that is overall positive, and the mindset of family and unity, not only throughout the small staff, but the student body as a whole. “At the end of the day, we still must row our boat, and keep going. I’m so proud of this small group of kids, who bring passion and commitment to every idea” Says Daniel Morris, 22 Year Yearbook Advisor.  Each day the staff works to persevere, overcome and keep a positive attitude.