Debate of the year!

Ava Kuczarski, Staff Reporter

Cleveland Ohio, the first presidential debate between President Trump and Democrat Joe BidenThis was one of the most immature debates America has ever witnessed. With Trump constantly interrupting Biden and Biden calling Trump names it wasn’t what you would call professional. 

Freshman Kenzie Woods states,” I believe I has never seen something so immature between two grown adults and I think that the rude comments the two made towards each other were unnecessary.”

 Who would blame her? I mean Trump seems to be more worried about bringing back football than the actual worldwide pandemic. Then you have people like Freshman Bryan Dunsenberry, he says he believes politics are useless and he really doesn’t care who wins either way.

Bryan sates,” I think it’s pointless for kids to even be thinking about it considering most of us can’t even vote yet, but I also believe people are free to their own opinion and shouldn’t be judged for liking or disliking either one.”

No matter anyone’s political views everyone can agree the debate was not what America was expecting, and should have received something that was going to be useful for the election.