Cruising on a Saturday night


Jozlyn West , staff reporter

Grab your friends and family and head on down to Cheyenne’s car cruise, on Carey Ave. Here in Cheyenne there is a car cruise held every Saturday night to help local charities and organizations to raise money and awareness. The car cruise is not just about the charities, is about people in Cheyenne coming together and having fun showing off their cars and being with their friends.

“The cruise is important to me because it gets my company name out,” said Senior Corban Stensaas. “It also allows me to show off how I can build cars and trucks and the best part is also being able to just chill and be around my buddies.”

This is the first car cruise that has happened in the last 50 years in Cheyenne because of the worries the city had with safety and not wanting what happened with the last cruise to happen with this one.

“The cruise is beneficial to Cheyenne because it brings the community together and it actually gives people something to do on weekends.”

Corban and his friends gather downtown to have a good time and experience the new thing happening in Cheyenne.

“The best part of the cruise is just chilling and being around buddies and seeing all these other unique builds.” Corban said. The cruise has brought so many people together and has shown our community how to be one.