East Homecoming Travesty

Savannah Whittecar, staff reporter

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, East High school has had to sacrifice many of its annual traditions this year. The most recent was the Homecoming dance. Many of the students at East High were hoping things could go back to normal and are sad to see that isn’t quiet the case yet.

“I’m sad for the seniors this year because they missed out on their Junior prom and now their last Homecoming dance,” says Haylie Turley, 11.

The students at East High School are disappointed that they didn’t get to have a Homecoming dance this school year. To give the students some interaction, student counsel created a shared Spotify playlist and had students jam out in their cars before the game. Hopefully as the school year goes on things can continue to return to the norm. Until then, the school is doing everything they can to let the students have fun while also staying safe and healthy.

“The school did everything they could to make it fun but its still pretty disappointing. Hopefully more opportunities arise, and COVID-19 doesn’t limit us anymore than it already has,” stated Haylie Turley, 11.