New Pool Cramps Student Parking Lot


Arianna Leuer, Copy editor

Cheyenne’s East High school has been widely affected by the undergoing project of a brand-new pool. The school has experienced two years now of a dysfunctional setting in the natatorium. At first it was just the fix of a new diving board, but more recently the decision was made to rebuild the 60-year-old pool when it failed to meet the latest regulations.   

The all-new 25-meter pool is predicted to be finished by February of 2022. In the meantime, East students will be limited on parking space, having only the west side of the parking lot available. If there happens to be little to no parking spaces upon arrival, students can park across the street or at the Church as an alternative.  

It is important to keep in mind of everyone’s safety so be sure to pay attention to the signs, as there is a new rule when exiting the student parking lot. Left turns will no longer be an option this way traffic buildup can be regulated on East Pershing Boulevard. In hopes of increasing student safety, students must adjust to the new system accordingly.