You Got Served!


Mason Paskett, Reporter

You walk onto the tennis court, its sunny outside and your very nervous. This is the feeling every tennis player feels before a match. Tennis is a mental sport if you are not mentally ready before a match you will come off the court defeated. Tennis is not the easiest of sports, players are constantly running around and hitting the ball giving it their all. People see tennis as a laid-back easy sport, and they thought wrong unless they’ve tried it. Many new kids tried out for the sport including most freshman, all new kids that joined said that they were very nervous the first day at practice, but the nerves went away little by little every day.

Tennis is loved by a lot of people including the 36 kids that tried out for Cheyenne East High Schools 2019-2020 tennis team. Tennis is very competitive sport in high school, there is only 8 spots on the women’s team and 8 spots on the men’s team for varsity, so in order to play varsity it takes hard work and dedication for the sport. Even know you automatically go to state for tennis you only have a minimum of 2 games. That’s why the sport is so competitive.

Tennis at east high consists of 5-hour practices in the summer and 3 hours after school. All the kids that play tennis are the people who you will have a bond with forever. Everyone who plays tennis is committed to the sport. Each individual kid is loyal to the sport and spends numerous hours on the tennis court improving their tennis game. Tennis isn’t just hitting the ball it includes overheads, slices, groundstrokes, drop shots and many more that only tennis players would understand.

For the kids to have a great season and become better players they need someone that knows how to coach and that’s why east is thankful for our spectacular tennis coaches named Roger Zwonitzer and Coach Esquibel. Roger Zwonitzer has been coaching East’s tennis team for many years. Coach Z. is very committed to tennis and helping kids that play the sport. East’s tennis players are very thankful for what he does. And, with the help of Coach Esquibel no one would be as successful as they are without her help. She is very helpful by making sure everyone is successful.

East high school’s varsity team included, Mason Paskett, Nolan Gerdes, Grant Redmen, Kaiden Brown, Nathan Zastoupil, Nick Colgan, Lexie Woolridge, Grace Rejeski, Addison Turner, Linsday Eldred, Savanna Stoddard, Nedra Mcilwaine, Sydney O’brien, and Olivia Shoemaker. These 16 individuals showed hard work and played on the varsity team for east. All the varsity players did well this season with winning and losing some matches. Both 2 doubles and 3 doubles places 3rd at state and brought home a plaque for EHS.