The Softball Addition to Our Community

Alyssa Wilmarth, reporter

Batter up! This was the dream of many girls especially here at East High School and across the state.  Now it’s come true. Laramie County School District 1 recently passed the bill approving softball as a school funded activity. Many people are ecstatic that such a sport is now a part of our sports culture, the new opportunities presented to the student body are life changing. 

“I am so excited that softball has been passed in schools. I think it is a much-needed change. So many of my friends have told me that they can finally play softball due to it being put in schools.” said Ella Neider (10). Further proving the idea that this addition is changing lives. It’s giving more and more people an excuse to get involved and do something they love. Softball has the potential to be amazing for the student body. 

“I think it’s really positive actually… if it provides an activity for kids to do when they aren’t doing anything; that’s the purpose of it… we wanted to create another sport that allows kids aren’t doing things to be a part of that. All in all, we want to increase the number of females playing in athletics and I think it will do that,” Schlabs responded to the same question. It seems almost everyone is on board with the idea that softball will open doors for students that were previously closed, making the addition a positive change for the school. 

Regarding to what this addition might do to the sports community here and across the state, there has been more excitement for the addition than negative thoughts. 

“I think that Easts’ sports culture won’t really change that much. I think it will be just another sport,” said Neider.  

“You know I think it’ll be positive; I mean we have such a good culture here and our faculty and students are so supportive that I think they’ll support the softball kids as well,” said Schlabs. 

East High boasts some of the best sports culture in the city, and there is no reason to assume that it would change with the addition of softball. Like Director Schlabs said, “Our student body and faculty have more reason to be supportive and watch games.” Maybe this addition might even improve attendance of games and our overall sports culture. 

In the end, the addition of softball to their roster is life changing. It not only opens doors that have previously been closed, but also has the ability to bring them together as a school; even more than they already are.