Homework: The Necessary Evil?

Rachel Taveria, Reporter

Nobody liked the teacher that assigns homework. So why is that? It’s obvious that teens don’t like homework because its extra work, something that has a lot of dedicated kids stay up till eleven or twelve PM to do. Then there are the non-dedicated kids who don’t give a care in the world and all it does is affect their grades and make everything worse. 

But according to studies in 2013, when students spend too much time on homework- anymore than 2 hours a night- high school students can experience serious mental and physical health problems, as homework can cause higher stress levels that can and will lead to sleep deprivation.  

Yet somehow some parents and teachers and even some students believe it’s good for you, and it helps you grow academically. For those few students, sure it can be helpful, but it is strongly believed homework should be optional if were even allowed at all.  

Kaitlyn Tompkins shares her opinion with the Thunderbolt staff. “I believe that in small amounts it’s okay because you always need to practice what you learn.” Tompkins shares how she has a set schedule to stay on top of her homework. However, not everyone is as organized and Tompkins.   

Rose VanDeMark believes that homework is not necessary, saying, “If teachers can’t teach everything they need us to know in an hour and a half than why should I have to spend more time trying to teach myself more with homework?” VanDeMark also included that she has stayed up incredibly late attempting to finish homework assignments. “The latest I’ve stayed up was probably 3AM and then I fell asleep and woke up the next morning and missed my first period to finish it.” VanDeMark as well as most of the student population, will agree that homework only has a negative effect on young students.