Senior Mentoring Opinion

Nicci Kapus , Reporter

For the first time for three years of mentoring, seniors are now required to go to mentoring.  There are mixed feelings about mentoring in the East High School halls this year.  Some seniors may not really care about mentoring, and others might be upset about the sudden change in rules.  For Seniors Dylan Raymond and Logan Kanzler, they get to tell how the new rule makes them feel. 

“I’ve been at East for three years now and I kind of think it’s a waste of time because I already know everything that’s going on and what to do, and it makes feel like a child again” Dylan Raymond (12). 

But he’s not the only senior that isn’t happy about the new rule for mentoring. 

“Its kind of stupid that they change it as soon as I get to be a senior because that was one of the things, I was looking forward to of becoming a senior was not having to go to mentoring” Logan Kanzler (12). 

So, as the seniors are going to mentoring, we get their true feelings towards mentoring.