Marching with the Rocket Man


Lana Novotny, Reporter

In preparation for the upcoming state marching band competition, the East High Marching Band went to Estes Park for band campThe ideas behind the time at camp are to build relationships, focus on timings and presentation, and practice songs for State. The EHS marching band is known as one of the strongest programs in the state.  

This year’s show features the music of Elton John, aka The Rocket Man. The band spent time perfecting John’s hits such as Funeral for A FriendLove Lies BleedingI’m Still StandingYour Song, and Saturday NightAlright. 

The band started the camp with music practice, where they worked on rhythms and articulation, so that the instruments blended well together. And after just the first two and a half hours of practicefaces were fatigued, lips sore, and bodies worn out. 

Even after one night all I wanted to do was sleep,” said Kate Good. “But in my room, there was no way that was going to happen.” Kate and her roommates, Emily Schwaiger,10, Ella Neider,10, Morgan Sutherland,10, Lana Novotny,10, and Samantha Chernogorec,10 spent the time laughing and bonding. No one got enough sleep to be awake for the day ahead of them.  

The next day brought a 6:00 AM wake-up call and a four-hour marching rehearsalwhere they did fundamentals and started learning the first drill set. Day 3 was even tougher.  

On the fourth day, the group went home knowing the first two drill sets and having one song memorized.  

“My band camp experience was as funfilled as always,” said Alex Duran, 11. “It caused me to bond better with the freshmen and some of the previous marchers. But I can’t say how because what happens at band camp stays at band camp.”