In the deep end with the rivals

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In the deep end with the rivals

Madison Wriborg, Reporter

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Did you know the pool here at east is technically illegal, according to the NFHS rules? The National Federation of High Schools have standards that schools are required to meet. Pools need to be 12 feet deep for swimmers to dive.

Our pool and diving board were grandfathered in due to how old East is and the rules recently being changed. Last year our diving board unfortunately broke during a boy’s swim practice, forcing the divers to practice at South High School our cross-town rivals.

“South has a nice pool, but it feels like we’re closer to South’s team than our own team” says junior Braedon Steward. Not only is it affecting the team, but it also affects their schedules.

Practicing from 3 to 5:15 every day. It’s a struggle for the dives to commute back and forth from East to South. “It’s tough having to drive there”, said Steward, “especially since we have to come back for other activities”.

The divers have to deal with the student parking and drive across town for practice, “yeah it’s tough, I normally get to South around 3:10-3:20, that’s why we go till 5:15 and not 5”, says senior Carrie Erikson.

Although the girls dealing with this struggle, they never fail to put in the work. Make sure to come out and support your Lady T-Birds at the next meet.



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