Get These Guys on Your Radar


Cristiona Morales, Reporter

Something different four boys, four talents, four instruments. Jordan Fitzgerald, Ethan Harris, Isaiah Singh and Broghan Foster, started off as “Red Desert Runaway,” said Ethan Harris and Jordan Fitzgerald, playing alternative rock, they then went by RDR, but soon became, Radar.
Radar, the brain child of Jordan Fitzgerald and Ethan Harris, then met Broghan Foster. Later, Isaiah Singh, waltzed, into their lives.
If you’re into alternative rock music, Radar is one of the rare, “garage bands,” this makes them stand out. “Our music gives you something to smile about, it lets you express your feelings in a way maybe you didn’t know you could, maybe it’s a happy feeling or a sad one, but our music is for everyone,” said Broghan Foster.
They’ve recently released a song called, Sunflower Lane. The idea of Sunflower Lane is to take listeners to a hypothetical place where they can be stress free and relax, where being worried doesn’t stay. You can find Sunflower Lane by Radar on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and SoundCloud, along with other music platforms.
Keep following Radar for new songs and releases and go check out their performances at the Plains Hotel.