Small Business Makes A Big Difference


Arianna Leuer , Reporter

Everyone gets inspired by something, whether it’s from a hobby you enjoy, watching television, a school club you’re involved in, or even sports.  Inspiration comes when you see something that excites and motivates you to make something out of it.  Rabecca Northcutt was inspired by art. “I went to classes to find what my talent is”, she said.  Her art teacher, Mr. Roswell, introduced her to the making of jewelry and she finally found something she enjoyed doing and later found out she was good at. 

After seeing how interested Rabecca was in jewelry, Mr. Roswell decided to enter her in the Art Intensive program at the University of Wyoming.  There Rabecca was able to take a two-day workshop in jewelry.  She got to connect with other students and instructors while participating in the program.  The program focuses on all kinds of art and photography.  “It’s an opportunity for them to see what it’s like to take a class at a college level, to see what the studios are like at UW, and to meet some of the teachers and other students there,” mentioned Roswell.

The program is designed for students with a passion in art that want to show off their hard work.  “Rabecca enjoyed it so much and talked about it all the way home,” said Mr. Roswell.  In fact, he ended up having a lot of jewelry equipment and material handy that she could work with.  This encouraged Rabecca to work with the materials more in class, which inspired her to take the art of jewelry to a whole new level.  “Since she came back, she has been really focused on making jewelry and has sold some to her teachers, paras, and more,” said Mr. Roswell.

Rabecca focuses her small business on making affordable jewelry using recycled materials such as bookmarks, upcycled beads, fused glass, river stones, copper, and metal.  “I decided to take things in my own hands,” she mentioned.  So far, she has made necklaces and bracelets, but soon hopes to add rings and earrings.  “Usually rings cost a lot at stores and nobody wants to pay that.”   All her items are twenty dollars and below which is more affordable for a larger selection of people.

When people think or hear about Rabecca, she hopes they see “there’s a girl trying to make a big difference.”  It’s hard when you and your family don’t have a lot of money to bring into the household.   I’m doing this so I can improve my life.  All we want to do is help our families,” Rabecca stated.  Rabecca wants to inspire people to get out there and do something for themselves to have a better life.  “You need to be very careful on how much you spend.  Make up your own job to make money.”

Everyone should be able to find inspiration somewhere.  It doesn’t have to lead to a life changing event, but at least make a difference.  Whether it’s within yourself, for your family, a friend, or anyone in the community.  You don’t have to help everyone, but everyone can help someone.