East Soccer’s Preparation Towards State

Angely Pena, Reporter

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Any competitor will tell you a big key to winning is consistency. A team must be consistent in how it works, in how it approaches competition, and how it plays. The 2018 edition of East High soccer has struggled with consistency as new players take the lead.

“We had a rough start at first,” said freshman Faith Burdette. “We had a bunch of losses in a row, but we’re learning how to play together and we’re doing better.”

The girls struggled in the beginning, but now that they have gotten to know each other better, they are working better as a team, and more consistent wins are the result.

The Boys team stumbled as they tried to work new players into position, but recently have started working better as a team.

“I think our main concern was filling the positions that the seniors were in last year,” said Nolan Gerdes, sophomore

To be the best, you want to play the best. East doesn’t have to look far to find one of the highest-ranked teams in the state.

“Central is one of the favorites to win state,” said freshman Kora Williams. “They’ve only lost one game and they’re really good this year.”

Although East is not necessarily one of the favorites to win state, they continue to work hard to achieve their goal.

“Winning is our best moment because we all come together as a team just to win, but our worst moments is when we don’t work together and we end up losing,” said freshman Mason Paskett.

Both teams look to put it all together by conference on May 10-12. The state tournaments will be on May 17-19 in Jackson.

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