Your Future Ahead…

Caitlyn Steen, Reporter

Starting a new school can be hard. The first days of High school can be terrifying. You might be scared because it’s a huge school, and you don’t yet know anyone. Or the fear of walking what seems like miles to math class can be a little intimidating. Each fall East High holds a freshman orientation to welcome new students so they can become more comfortable with the halls and class locations. East’s freshman orientation welcomes incoming ninth graders and introduces them to the T-Bird way.

Mrs. Kimberly Rayl is the east high gradation coach and she spends most of the year helping students find success.

“I organize it with the help of an organization named Focus Training”, said Mrs. Rayl. “Mr.Shlabs and I provide training and guidance to our school’s G-Team. During our transition assembly for Carey, 8th graders, we invite them to the orientation at the end of the summer and have a great turn out because of the assembly. It helps gets them really excited for High School.”

Many incoming freshmen are a little intimidated by the first day of high school.

“I’m the most scared of coming to high school (because of) the upperclassmen,” said Avery Vanpelt, currently an eighth grade student at Carey JHS.

While some are worried about the social aspect, many are concerned about academics.

One thing that often surprises incoming students is the diversity of classes offered at East.

“A lot of the classes will be harder, and I’m hoping I can keep my grades up,” said Emma Brown, Carey 8th grade student.

Getting good grades is important because it counts towards colleges and future careers/jobs. Good grades are a result of focusing on your classes. Taking care of yourself with plenty of sleep is essential to surviving high school. Incoming freshman quickly learn to be responsible for their grades.

“We hold freshman orientation because it is part of our transition plan for incoming freshman.” said Rayl. We want students to have as smooth of a transition to their high school experience as possible, so that they are less nervous, comfortable on the first day of school,  prepared to be successful, are immediately engaged and involved, and ultimately, graduate in four years.

Freshman need to find ways to get involved. Some big opportunity to do this is sports, clubs, and connect with new people. This will make your school year a whole lot more fun and enjoyable.

“If I wanted to make friends I would join the sports team, I think it is a very big opportunity to meet new people, “said Jeorgia Yates, Carey 8th grader.

 “It’s important that the freshman experience a smooth transition to high school and enter energized and excited about their high school career.” said Kimberly Rayl