Mugg’s Shot

Avalon Skinner, Online Editor

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Flying through the water for four years straight is the best decision Jackson Mugg ever made. Practicing twice a day for three months can be tiring, but anyone going after a state title makes it a lifestyle.

That lifestyle choice rocketed Mugg to two state titles, in both the 200 and 500 freestyle events, and the 4A Athlete of the Year award.

“[The best parts are that] it gets you in shape physically, and the people you meet,” says Mugg. “There is a very diverse group of people who swim, so it’s easier to deal with a lot of people.”

For these reasons, he believes more people should jump in the pool for high school.

“At meets it’s a fun time and with the people you’ll meet, you’ll find friends all over the state,” Mugg explains.

But it is not just the opportunities that swimming presents that makes it so enjoyable for Jackson.

“[My favorite thing] would probably have to be just being at swim meets and the whole atmosphere of people being together and competing. I really like it,” says Mugg. “Everyone gets to participate. Everyone swims and everyone competes, and everyone has to do their own thing if they want to succeed.”

Mugg also believes that the sport could be part of his future after high school, but is not positive about yet.

“I’d like to swim in college. I have talked to a few colleges but nothing really serious yet.”

However, no matter what his future ends up being with swimming, there are things to take away from his high school career in the water.

“[I’ve learned] that it’s a lot easier to give up on things. Halfway through practice it gets so hard that you’re ready to quit everything, but if you just hold on for a little longer, great things will happen. I’ve seen it firsthand.”

The team as a whole placed fifth with 140 points.

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