The Sound of Hundreds of Voices and Instruments

Landon Bosch

The sound of hundreds of voices and instruments could be heard echoing in Evanston high school with January hosting Wyoming’s All-State band, orchestra, and choir. Representing East was 28 students that all passed an audition to be accepted into All-State music.

“My favorite part was the concert, it was very emotional and exciting,” Senior and orchestra member at East, Hallie Green, said.

Leading the students in concert was Dr. James Mick for orchestra, Marcellus Brown for band, and Dr. Pearl Shangkuan for choir. Students experienced the wisdom from their professional conductors with Dr. Mick being a professor of music at Ithaca College, Marcellus Brown being director of bands at Boise State University, and Dr. Shangkuan being a professor of music at Calvin College.

Every year a new professional conductor is chosen for each respective performance group. The conductor oversees the music the groups play and leads them in a practice session followed by a concert.

East High band musician, Katelynn Allen said “This year was not as euphoric as last year.”

Allen has performed at All-State band two years in her High School career. This has lead Allen to many new musical experiences.

With the best musicians Wyoming high schools have to offer, All-State music is a unique opportunity to challenge a student’s musicianship.

“It made me a stronger player and made me want to practice more to get into better orchestras,” Katelynn stated.

In order to play for better orchestras, All-State teaches students techniques and helps them improve as a musician.

“I learned shifting at All-State orchestra,” Green added. Shifting in this case refers to moving your hand higher on the fingerboard of a stringed music to play the same note at a higher pitch.

Just as football has its championship game, Wyoming has All-State music for band, choir, and orchestra kids to showcase their skills and learn new techniques. This opportunity allows students to meet new people and make more connections to music.