East High Welcomes Newest Hall of Fame Class and Recognizes Academic Letter Winners


Avalon Skinner

Newly inducted EHS Hall of Fame members John O’Connor, Jim Mize, Michelle Stotts, Dr. Sue Chilton, Lee Vaughn and Dennis Humphrey (l to r) were recognized at a ceremony at the school on October 27.

Steph Sommer, Senior Editor

Can you imagine coming back to your old high school, years after college and making a life somewhere else, and taking in the sights and sounds of East High? What would you remember the most – the sounds of students passing down the halls, the thrill of running onto the football field, or that old feeling of walking around with your best friends at your side?

On October 27, six alumni got the opportunity to do just that as East High welcomed the EHS Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

Before the ceremony, the alumni reacquainted themselves with notable school landmarks such as the mosaic in the lobby, the Performance Hall, the athletic facilities and the classrooms.

“It looks so different for when I went here,” said Mr. Lee Vaugh, class of 1993. “The Thunderdome was not here when I graduated, but it looks so cool.”

After their tour, the alumni were inducted by EHS principal Sam Mirich.

The Hall of Fame Class of 2017 includes Mr. Lee Vaughn, Dr. Sue Chilton, Mr. John O’Connor, Mr. Jim Mize, Mr. Dennis Humphrey, and Mrs. Machelle Stotts.

Each inductee received a plaque and gave a speech about their time here at East. The common theme of the speeches was keeping students motivated toward their goals.

“Each of the speakers was really inspiring,” said senior Meigan Star. “I liked how they commented on what they did at East, as well as what they’ve done because they went to East.”

At the conclusion of the Hall of Fame ceremony, 44 students received their Academic Letter for the first time, 28 students received second-year pins, and 27 seniors were awarded their third-year pin.

Student Council awards an academic letter to any student who has a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.75. A student must be enrolled in six classes each semester and four of the six must be English, social studies, world language, math, and science or computer science.

“It was really cool to be recognized for my accomplishments,” said sophomore Ruth Potter. “I was afraid I was going to get nervous and fall of the stage, but I didn’t!”