Arch Coal Award


Kenna Smith, Features Reporter

The Arch Coal Teacher’s Achievement Award is one of the most prestigious awards to be awarded in West Virginia and Wyoming. On May 19, East High’s Mrs. Megan Moench was announced as the recipient of the annual award. From winning the award, Mrs. Moench won a distinctive plaque and a personal cash award of $3,500.

Around a 1,000 teachers are nominated each year. Nominations are made by the public, and selection is made by a blue-ribbon panel of the teacher’s peers and all past recipients of the award.

“This year in particular it almost feels- it’s a weird sensation, cause I really don’t feel like I deserve it,” said Mrs. Moench, when she was asked what it meant to her for winning the award. “I’m thinking that I got nominated due to some teaching that I’ve done in the past, and I do feel a little more deserving for some other teaching that I’ve done.”

When sophomore Maeve Knepper was asked why she though Mrs. Moench won the award, she said, “She’s very, very dedicated and hardworking. She really advocates for her students and wants every single one of them to succeed.” Maeve takes AP Statistics with Mrs. Moench, “And works very hard to make sure that every student succeeds.”

Arch Coal and the Arch Coal Foundation have a history have a long history of supporting education and community causes in Wyoming. For more information on this or on how to nominate a teacher for next year’s award, go to