Still a Music Man


Avalon Skinner

Zamboni Brown, Liam Guille, and Jonathan Greathouse sing at a benefit concert. All three students are part of the East High Singers.

Steph Sommer, Features Editor

Senior Liam Guille may be best known for his performance as Professor Harold Hill from the Music Man, or even leading the homecoming pep rally with East’s school song. Now Liam is on to bigger things and furthering his singing career by heading to Grapevine, Texas to participate in National Honor Choir.

Liam has gone through the rigorous audition process twice, and has, skillfully, ended up making it both times.

“It’s not too bad of a process, but it does require some dedication,” says Liam. “You have to take a video of yourself and do some stuff for them. It can be pretty selective.”

Calling Nation Honor Choir “pretty selective” maybe an understatement. “This year we are only taking two people from the district, and we probably had about 10 to 15 people try out for it.”

But this time it seems to mean more than the last time.

“I appreciate the experience more this year.” Liam says. “It’s fun way to end my East High career. It is a nice leap off to whatever I choose to do in the future.”

Liam will be singing with 200 other choir members from around the country and select countries around the world as well. He looks forward to singing new repertoire such as “The Jabberwocky,” based on Lewis Carols’ Alice in Wonderland, and being with people from all over the country.

“It’s really interesting how even in a single country you can have so many different cultures,” Liam says about his favorite part of attending National Honor Choir. “We can all come together and see these regional cultures all find something in common with one another.