Following the IB footsteps


Abby Shameklis

Junior Abby Shameklis receives her IB pin and letter from Mrs. Zumo at the end of the IB Induction Ceremony.

Steph Sommer, Features Editor

Being part of the International Baccalaureate program is not only being a part of a unique group at East High, but it’s being part of a special group of people from around the world that are joined together by one common thing. The International Baccalaureate program is a group of schools around the world that all come together to teach students similar curriculum, by linking classes and students together through education.

This year, 39 East juniors were inducted into the International Baccalaureate program. They have officially begun taking IB courses, doing volunteer services, and setting personal development goals. All of this together combines to award these 2018 graduates with either an IB Diploma or Certificate.

The induction began with each student taking a pledge to the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile which includes having characteristics like knowledge, reflection, and open-mindedness. Every student walked throughout the auditorium, following the marked footsteps to identify each of the 10 characteristics.

“It was kind of cool,” said junior Faith Wright. “It was really informational, and they helped to explain what we’ll be doing for the next two years.”

Senior IB students explained and guided the juniors to each footstep as a metaphor of walking through the IB mindset.

“It was really a good metaphor for my journey through IB,” agreed junior Gabby Dodgson. “I think it was a good step into the future.”

Many IB teachers, parents, and future IB inductees watched as the juniors prepared for the next chapter in their lives.

“I’m super, super scared,” said Wright on how she feels about the next two years. “But I’m going to do it because I know I can.”

Though the inducted juniors are nervous for their futures, having supportive teachers and friends along for the ride gives them faith to keep going.

“I’m nervous,” said Dodgson. “But I know I have a lot of good teachers and friends who will support me through it.”

At the end of the ceremony each student received an IB pin, letter, and certificate marking their induction. Now, each junior was officially ready for extra classes, lots of tests and self-growth over the next 2 years.