Rock Springs Speech

Avalon Skinner, News Editor

November 7th and 8th, the speech and debate teams travelled to Rock Springs to show their talent. Many students came away with great accomplishments and experiences.


Sydney Allen 1st Novice Poetry

Isabelle Anaya 3rd Novice Policy

Jessie Archambeau 2nd Varsity Humor, 2nd Varsity Drama, and 2nd Varsity Poetry

Shelby Barber 1st Novice Duo

Pia Black 5th Varsity Informative

Brittany Brower 2nd Varsity Oratory and 3rd Varsity Impromptu

James Brown 3rd Varsity Humor and 1st Varsity Impromptu

Cade Clements 2nd Novice Public Forum

Cheyenne Corbin 5th Varsity POI

Darnell Crawford 3rd Varsity Policy

Brady Davis 3rd Varsity Policy

CJ Gardner 1st Varsity Policy

Kaelin Hargraves 1st Varsity Drama

Andrew Harwell 3rd Novice Policy

Dylan Hirsch 4th Varsity Humor and 4th Varsity Impromptu

Brenden Hunt 3rd Varsity Lincoln Douglas

Anna Jones 1st Varsity Public Forum and 6th Varsity Congress

Bree Jones 1st Novice Policy

Jenna Larsen-Hunter 4th Novice Humor and 6th Novice Drama

MJ Lindman 3rd Varsity Policy

Ashton Love 1st Novice Policy

Izzy Lowry 1st Varsity Public Forum

Kaylee Malgieri 6th Varsity Drama and 4th Varsity POI

Cayden McCoy 5th Novice Drama

Josh Mitchell 1st Novice Lincoln Douglas

George Nykun 2nd Novice Public Forum

Morgan O’Neill 6th Varsity Humor and 4th Varsity Duo

Noah Paiz 1st Varsity Policy

Veronica Phillips 5th Varsity Humor and 4th Varsity Duo

Faith Powell 3rd Novice Poetry and 3rd Novice Policy

Ty Ramirez 3rd Varsity Policy

Roberto Rampolla 1st Varsity Public Forum and 6th Varsity Congress

Lukas Reiber 1st Varsity Public Forum

Hailey Rigler 3rd Novice Lincoln Douglas and 2nd Novice POI

Quinn Rowley 6th Novice Humor

Camden Schmidt 1st Varsity Lincoln Douglas and 3rd Varsity Extemp

Dorian Scholz 1st Varsity Duo

Connor Sears 1st Varsity Humor, 4th Varsity Drama, and 1st Varsity POI

Elsha Seiloff 1st Varsity Duo and 3rd Varsity Drama

Kodi Stringer 1st Novice Drama

Mike Swidecki 3rd Novice Policy

Amber Thompson 2nd Varsity Impromptu

Brooklynn Toon 2nd Novice Policy

Devon Van Veckhoven 2nd Novice Drama

Gabby Wood 1st Novice Duo

Justin Woolsey 1st Novice Humor

Julian Yates 6th Novice Poetry

Mingna Zeng 4th Varsity Oratory

Michelle Zekovich 2nd Novice Policy.


This is just the beginning of their season, setting the stage for many students’ futures in speech and debate.