A Different Kind of Royalty


Rachel Casey

This year’s Mr. T-Bird Jarom Brown sweeps Ms. T-Bird Samantha Jurkowski off her feet.

Avalon Skinner, News Editor

With several seniors answering questions like “where do you see yourself in five years?” and “what animal do you relate to the most?” the annual Mr. T-Bird competition that takes the stage every year during homecoming. It is a light-hearted competition that ultimately determines which senior boy has the most spirit. However, this year Jarom Brown was crowned as Mr. T-Bird with a new aspect added; Samantha Jurkowski was on his arm as Ms. T-Bird, the new competition for senior girls which was introduced in the hopes of changing things up a bit.

With the new female addition to the competition, it made the celebration twice as fun for the students as they got ready for the rest of the week and the upcoming game.

“I thought it was cool that they had a Ms. T-Bird this year instead of just a Mr. T-Bird,” Samantha said. “It kind of opens the door for everyone.”

As the female contestants obviously support this new addition, so do the males, as Jarom shows.

“I thought it was a great addition,” he agreed. “I think it fits perfectly.”

The seniors that competed felt like they were able to set a positive and encouraging example for the rest of the student body and the future Mr. and Ms. T-Birds to come.

“It brings people together and gets people excited about the spirit of the week,” Jarom said. “They see us dressing up and it makes them think that they should dress up for the spirit days. It’s okay to look goofy in front of people, so it gets people rallied up.”

The competition was fun for everyone and it is something simple for the students to attand that will give homecoming week more excitement and anticipation.

“It’s just something that you could do for fun,” said Samantha. “So many people can get involved and it encourages participation in the rest of homecoming activities.”

When the traditional way of spreading spirit through the school is mixed with the new idea, all of the students look forward to coming together to celebrate our school and the seniors that are the backbone of our spirit.